Surfing University 102 - Surfboards and Fins

Understand the Forces at Work - Surfboards and Fins

Online group class

Instructor: Holly Beck

2 weeks of personalized feedback


What you'll learn

How a surfboard works :

The differences between various bottom contours, rail shapes, tail shapes, nose shapes, materials, construction methods, etc.

How fins work: 

The differences between types and shapes of fins and what types of waves they are best suited for.

A survey of the history of how we got from ancient Hawaiians riding pieces of wood to the high performance surfboards and fins of today.

Plus practical information about how to choose the right board for you, how to shop for a surfboard intelligently, etc.


This class will teach you to speak intelligently about surfboards and fins. You will understand the effects of subtle differences in bottom contours, shapes, and outlines of surfboards and what might be best for you.

We'll talk about fins and how they can be used to enhance or change the feel of your surfboard.

I'll show my own working quiver of boards and why I like the various boards that I have included. 

There is a guide to how to look like you know what you're doing when checking out boards at a surf shop.

Any questions on surfboards or fins will be answered!


An inquisitive mind relating to surfboards and fins. 

Holly Beck

Former professional surfer and current expert surf coach. Holly runs women's surf yoga retreats in Central America with a heavy focus on personalized surf coaching. 

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Online group class

Instructor: Holly Beck

2 weeks of personalized feedback



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