Surfing University 101

Expand Your General Surf Knowledge With Holly Beck Part 1

Online group class

Instructor: Holly Beck

10 days of personalized feedback


What you'll learn

In this class we will expand your knowledge of the following:

How to catch more waves in a crowded lineup, including how to know who's turn it is in many different situations, how to paddle out with confidence that you won't be in anyone's way, and how to be assertive so that you can catch waves even when the lineup is full of wave hogs!

How to read a surf forecast : understand where the numbers are coming from and what they mean for you and your favorite surf break. Also, what does long period vs. short period mean, why do they make smaller or bigger waves, and which is best for you?

Some tips for overcoming fear in bigger surf. 


Since many of us aren't able to go out and surf right now, it's a great time to expand your general surf knowledge. This info will give you more confidence in the water, and also confidence to know when to go! 

This is a three-part course that will happen over a 10 day period. Every few days I'll post a new lecture with time for questions and discussions that will cover the following main topics:

Surf etiquette : Many of you will know the very basics of surf etiquette (the surfer closest to the breaking part of the wave has priority), but there are a lot of grey areas and exceptions. I'll cover all of those.  How to safely paddle back out after a wave at a crowded surf spot. I know many people worry about being in someone's way, we will talk through some strategies to paddle back out with confidence. Some strategies and tips to catch more waves even if you live in a crowded surf zone.

How to read a surf forecast : Surf forecasts where the forecaster gives you a paragraph about what you can expect are rarely accurate or tuned to the type of surf you as an individual might want. I'll explain how to read the buoy readings and make your own decision. We'll cover what each number means, how to predict how big the waves will be at your spot based on the numbers, and get into the mechanics of why that is. 

Three tips to overcoming fear in bigger waves : I'll tell a few stories in which I thought I was going to die, and what I learned from each one.



An excitement for expanding your surf knowledge!

Holly Beck

Former professional surfer and current expert surf coach. Holly runs women's surf yoga retreats in Central America with a heavy focus on personalized surf coaching. 

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Online group class

Instructor: Holly Beck

10 days of personalized feedback



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