Enough talking - let's see it in action!

Below we show you the three most important aspects of CourseFu platform from the teacher's perspective.

Demos below open in a new tab, you can safely close it after you are done playing.
For some of them we will log you into our demo accounts, you can always log out by clicking avatar in the right top corner and then Log Out.
Our demo class starts fresh every day so feel free to explore and treat it like a playground.

Teacher panel. Control center of your enterprise.

Our revolutionary technology makes providing feedback to students super easy. You will find access to everything you need in one place.

Class public page. Where all the fun starts.

This is the place to tell your future students why your class is the best in the world. And where they enroll in your class.

Classroom. Home for your class.

Classroom provides students with an easy access to your lessons, a place to get feedback and build community with other students.