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We make it easy to teach your group classes online.

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Post a lesson (text/video).
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Share with a group. Support a person.

CourseFu combines power of online education with social interaction and knowledge sharing of a group class. Provide each student with actionable personalized feedback to help them really grow. Your students will never want to take in-person class with another teacher again.

Teach practical skills. Give feedback on students' videos.

No matter if you are a golf coach or a dog trainer, we’ve created CourseFu for you. Contrary to text, video doesn’t limit you to teaching only theoretical skills. Video allows you to show students what to train and see how they progress.

Everything in one place. We understand your needs.

We got you covered. Simple, easy to use interface. No ads or distractions. Payments taken care of. Platform that makes sure you answer each student on time.

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Instead of a dozen local students teach hundreds of students from around the world. CourseFu platform allows you to effortlessly teach courses of any size and focus your time on what is most important - giving feedback.

Unmatched efficiency. Teach more students in less time.

Your time is invaluable - we get that. We aim to provide you with the best tools to make your teaching as efficient as possible.

No commitment. Trying doesn't cost you anything.

When you succeed, we succeed. No subscriptions or hidden fees. You choose your prices. Registering and creating a class is completely free. Once you start making money, there's a 7% fee on top of credit card fees.